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The Parents



23 lbs (Retiring)

Mia is a gentle, highly intelligent, loving girl, and an exceptional mother. Her coat is medium wavy to light curly with dark apricot/light red coloring! She is one of our own puppies from Carlie (retired) and Red (retired)!


23 lbs

Coco is our cuddly, kid crazy, loyal, and goofy girl. From day one she has been an amazing mother! Her coat is a light curly apricot coloring. She is also one of our own puppies and Mia's sister (from Carlie and Red- both retired).


17lbs - Hired Stud

Eeyore is one of the gorgeous studs we use and adore. His gorgeous wavy, red abstract coat and white markings are striking! His puppies are calm, loving, fun, intelligent, and beautiful! Thank you to Kiara Neves at Four Dudes and a Doodle for sharing Eeeyore with us!


12.5lbs - Hired Stud

Moose is a red teddy bear with white markings! This intelligent, sweet, gentle guy is perfection! He is also owned by Four Dudes and a Doodle, who we are blessed to work with!

Luka Ford
20lbs - Hired stud
Luka is simply stunning! 


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